Exotic places, live music and unique, thoughtful people are some of the things that inspire me. I consider, I observe, I listen, I read (loved this), I binge (currently this). I have a favorite radio station. I grow some of my own food and share it with friends. And I write.

My background is documentary stills, but creating original work from the depths of my mind has been equally rewarding, and is now taking up increasing amounts of my time and interest. If I really need to zone out, I might be found swimming (formerly here) or building a table, meditating with the steady rhythms of the orbital sander.

I’m a dual citizen of Ireland and the US, but I don’t love borders, and certainly not the walls that delineate them. I was born in Detroit and raised just north, but Austin was equally formative. Home is now on the edge of the great wide-open of west Marin in the San Francisco Bay.